Fractal Optim

Illustration of the decomposition procedure in the case of a 2D search space


The developed technology allows to solve large dimensional problems and proposes an optimization algorithm based on fractal decomposition. Thanks to a new approach of covering the space, this algorithm allows to solve problems with a large number of variables while bringing an exact answer to the problem. The whole with a very low complexity (logarithmic).



  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Forecast Logistic
  • Smart and Micro Grids
  • Water and electricity distribution networks

Competitive advantages

  • Algorithm ranked first in CIFAR-10 dataset
  • Solving nonlinear problems with solution no need to put a accuracy
  • Very low complexity of calculations : logarithmic
  • Very easy to implement
  • Solving problems in a wide range of area

Intellectual property

  • European Priority Phase and PCT extension EP & US // WO2018115491



Optimization - Fractal decomposition - Large-dimensional problems

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