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Newsletter Erganeo - July 2022.

Erganeo is a French investment company specialised in disruptive innovations that significantly benefit society.
Our mission is to accelerate and simplify partnerships between public research bodies and the industrial sector, in the pursuit of ethical and sustainable progress.

A researcher

Erganeo is based on the fundamental idea that Public Research is more than ever essential to societal progress. Your projects have always made it possible to meet the huge challenges facing the world. To bring new futures to life, we offer you tailor-made support towards success and recognition.

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An entrepreneur

The industry of tomorrow must be at the service of human progress. Erganeo reveals the full potential of what you want to develop by creating new applications to ensure the competitiveness and performance of your business: we offer concrete, useful and quickly marketable disruptive technologies to support an ethical and sustainable progress.

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An investor

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, Erganeo takes the controlled risk of investing at the earliest in disruptive innovations with strong economic and societal potential. We will do everything to support these projects towards success: technological excellence, business performance, environmental and societal impact.

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Bring new
futures to life.

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Reinventing ourselves to invent a better world.

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42 Million €

Erganeo participates in the global and virtuous evolution for the many. We dare to create new technological applications for companies and launch start-ups. Since its creation in 2012, Erganeo has invested more than €42 million in the emergence of disruptive innovations with a positive impact on society.


20 000

As a member of the SATT Network, Erganeo is laying the foundations of a desirable future in the Paris Region ecosystem, a pool of innovation rich of 20 000 researchers. Erganeo works to ensure that the Deep Tech innovations from our shareholders’ laboratories in the Paris Region reach maturity and access the market to benefit society.

+350 laboratories

Our core activity is based on a territory composed of teams of excellence in the Paris Region. We cover a wide range of scientific and technological expertise from multiple fields in more than 350 laboratories, including Biotech, Infotech and Enertech.


At Erganeo,
we like new ideas


PhiIippe Auvray

The device developed by Neurallys is a self-functioning pressure sensor implanted under the skin at the same time as the valve, located just upstream of it. It allows the transmission of intracranial pressure information to the doctor in case of worrying symptoms, via the patient's smartphone.


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