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Erganeo is a French investment company specialising in disruptive innovations (Deep Tech) with a strong societal impact. We invest as soon as possible to secure Researchers new inventions, before their transfer to a company or the creation of start-ups, in many scientific fields: Biotech, Infotech (Telecom, connected objects, big data, IA), Enertech (new energies, chemistry, materials) etc. Our mission is to accelerate and simplify the associations between Public Research and the industrial world in favour of a societal progress. To do this, we finance and support the new generation of French Researchers-Entrepreneurs towards success and international recognition. As a member of the SATT Network, Erganeo is laying the foundations for a desirable future in the Paris Region ecosystem, a pool of innovation rich of 20,000 researchers in more than 370 cutting-edge research laboratories. Since its creation, Erganeo has invested more than €27 million and contributed to signing 67 licenses with companies of all sizes and creating 14 start-ups.

Research is
essential to
societal progress

Research is one of the building blocks of societal progress. It shapes a playing field in which commitment and investment must participate in the global and virtuous evolution for the many. It allows to launch start-ups and perpetuate the companies that use it by creating new applications to remain competitive.

Bringing new futures
to life

We are bold, and we want to act with panache to open up the scope of possibilities, to find new ways of doing things and new types of collaboration.

Disruptive technologies
entering the market

We are doing our utmost to bring disruptive technologies to the market. We make sure that they are transformed into real applications developed within start-ups, which in turn will sell the products and services to launch their own business.


Our main quality is the boldness that we cultivate and wish to share. This vision and state of mind form both the actors and the innovations of societal progress.


We bring new futures to life. In this sense, we are shaping new uses and participate in the social and societal progress of tomorrow.


We are based on a solid history and mission. This strategic foundation and this anchoring in reality make us resilient and we carry out our projects with strength and humility.


Our policy is to always promote innovations with a real social and societal impact. We are laying the foundations for a virtuous innovation model.



We detect breakthrough inventions with strong economic and societal potential in the research laboratories of our territory.



We protect these inventions: we keep the uniqueness and exclusivity of knowledge.



We develop Proofs of Concept and protect these innovations on the market.



We transfer these inventions to the economic and industrial world to support French industrial sectors and create new jobs.

Everything is accelerating.
What about you?

Erganeo is at your disposal.