Researchers testimonies


Pr Renaud Tissier

Associate Professor EnvA (National Veterinary School of Alfort)

Erganeo provided essential support. We created together this new technology thanks to the funds provided by Erganeo, which also supported the filing of patents.


Dr. Nathalie Cartier-Lacave

Physician Researcher Head of Research / Research Director

To get as quickly as possible to therapeutic testing in patients, we opted for a maturation process with Erganeo. We get very encouraging results not only on these two diseases (Huntington and Alzheimer) but probably on others. This is a wonderful achievement. We are extremely grateful for the support of Erganeo who helped us in the creation of our company and allowed us to benefit from an exclusive license on the patents necessary for the development of the project.


Pr Roberto Motterlini & Pr Roberta Foresti

Head of Research / Research Director & Professor of Biochemistry IMRB (Institut Mondor de Recherche Biomédicale)

The major contribution of Erganeo has been to recognize the therapeutic interest of the molecules in development in our laboratory. They helped with the filing of patents and guided us in the preparation of a project proposal that was then submitted and approved for funding by the SATT scientific committee. The project is in progress and the collaboration with Erganeo is ongoing in a very productive way.

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As a caring sponsor, Erganeo listens to your needs, analyses and determines the market potential of your invention. We value the steps necessary to its maturation, whatever your scientific field. We co-construct, invest in your project and support it until its transfer to the market through licensing, service offers to industrial partners or start-up creation.

Protecting your inventions, know-how, software, corpus…

The first step in the process of industrial protection is the description of your research results or know-how. To protect your inventions, Erganeo supports you and provides you with the following forms depending on the object you wish to protect. Then, we take care of everything: from patent applications to international extensions.

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If we want to bring desirable futures to life, the collaboration, coordination and association of Public Research and the market are essential. We simplify your interactions with the industrial world and open up new possibilities by supporting your innovations. We ensure that your research results are transformed into real applications developed within companies to support an ethical and sustainable progress.

Adding value to your expertise and technological platforms

Erganeo enhances your disruptive technologies and creates an experience that puts you at the heart of projects to generate new sources of business performance with a strong societal impact. We create value as close as possible to the source of innovation to enable it to be deployed and access the market. We offer you market positioning studies, promotion, marketing and support during your negotiation phases.

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We are shaping a playing field in which commitment and investment must be part of global and virtuous evolution for the many. In this sense, research is one of the key elements of societal progress. Erganeo allows you to launch your start-up and perpetuate the companies that will use your innovation by creating new applications to remain competitive.

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