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Erganeo and all the teams involved in this project are defending a utopia: bringing scientific innovation to the economic world so that the industry of tomorrow can be at the service of Humans.

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Balmary Simon

European Patent Attorney

Beckerich Guillaume

Management Accountant

Blanc Naoko

European patent attorney - Patent agent

Bonnafous David

Chargé de l'Offre Santé

Bourgarel Marc

Business Relations Manager

Clausener Céline

Head of Public Affairs

Défossé Sandrine

Intellectual property Assistant

Gérard Yann

Chargé des relations académiques

Academic Relations Officer

Ghannoum Hassan

Director of Business Development

Gombert Florence

Head of Academic Relations

Kalogerakis Démosthène

Chargé Offre Client

Ledoux-Lebard Delphine

European patent attorney - Patent agent

Luppino Lydie

Chief financial officer

Moisy-Gouarin Dorothée

Chief Operating Officer

Nouili Sami

Marketing and communications officer

Piperno Valentin

Investment Associate

Pontifice Caroline

Communications Officer

Vidal Estelle

Marketing and Communications Officer

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