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Loic Poirier


Dextrain combines its manual dexterity technology with Machine Learning to offer a unique solution for the rehabilitation and prediction of neurological diseases, for millions of individuals. For our project, the association between Erganeo, Dextrain and Archos allowed us to go all the way. Erganeo's strenght is that they were able to guide us from the identification of the start-up to the contractualization phase, and this in a very quick way.

Prof. Pavlos Moraitis


Argument Theory uses Artificial Intelligence techniques for decision support and, for automating complex decision-making problems when needed. We offer customized solutions in various domains such as automated compliance management, medical diagnosis, cybersecurity, trading, etc. Erganeo allowed us to create our start-up by financing the integration of the technology resulting from our theoretical works to the development of industrial solutions.

Bernard Dauvergne

co-Founder of ADDMEDICA

ADDMEDICA is an independent French company focused on the development and supply of medical products for rare diseases, unmet medical needs and serious clinical situations. Erganeo offers us files corresponding to our development orientations and allows us to meet prestigious teams of researchers from various backgrounds such as AP-HP or Inserm. A long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.

Anthony Coutant

co-founder of HephIA

HephIA offers a research-based unsupervised AI solution for taming massive data. Erganeo helped us in the creation and technology transfer process in a framework involving public and private stakeholders. Erganeo also granted us a maturation budget to support our industrialization, and helped us with the daily support functions related to the development and operation of the start-up.

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Adapting the best of Deep Tech to your business

Innovation can only be relevant if it is at the service of Humans and if it serves the major societal and ethical interests. To promote innovation and actively participate in the changes of our society, Erganeo listens to your needs, analyses them and reduces to a minimum the risks of disruptive innovations that can be adapted to your business: a real pool of technological opportunities with a strong societal impact.

Supporting your R&D projects through scientific expertise

Erganeo interacts with you and supports your project on a daily basis by offering you scientific expertise and recognised technological platforms in all fields of knowledge. We identify within our territory of more than 20,000 researchers these cutting-edge technologies with a strong societal impact in order to respond in the best possible way to your need to innovate.

Gathering our talents to create a territory of excellence

If we want to bring desirable futures to life, the collaboration, coordination and association of industry and research are essential. We simplify your exchanges with the academic world and open up the field of possibilities by finding the disruptive innovation you need within our territory in favour of an ethical and sustainable progress: a new culture of innovation, for the benefit of the many.

Reinventing ourselves to develop skills

A better future is within reach. All you have to do is imagine it and build it. Erganeo offers you the opportunity to co-construct and co-invest in early development phases with Public Research to bring new futures to life. To bring these new futures to life, let’s start by imagining together those that are achievable, desirable and sustainable.

Integrating start-ups know-how

The changes that we are experiencing are inevitable and unpredictable. Erganeo offers you an experience in which each of your innovative projects will come to life. We help you shape new functions and integrate new ethical applications with high growth potential to remain competitive and create new jobs.

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