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Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) are produced from HEK293T cells that highly express NFAT3 transcription factor that inhibits cancer cell motility and are loaded with a combination of miRNAs inhibiting tumor growth and cell motility. In vitro evaluation revealed that these EVs significantly (80%) decrease invasive capacity of triple negative breast (MDA-MB-231, SUM-59PT) and pancreatic (BXPC3, MIA-PACA-2) cancer cell lines. These results were confirmed in vivo in a triple negative breast cancer mouse model.

Relativistic quantum cryptography

Spacetime-constrained oblivious transfer (SCOT) is a cryptographic task extending one-out-of-m oblivious transfer (OT) by guaranteeing security from quantum physics and relativistic signalling constraints.

Breast cancer
Treatment of HER2-dependent cancer

Use of anti-miRNAs as therapeutic tools in HER2+ breast cancer.


Compounds releasing carbon monoxide (CO-RMS) are being investigated as a new treatment approach to mitigate age-related metabolic dysfunction.

Optimization Algo
Fractal Optim

New optimization algorithm based on fractal decomposition. Thanks to a new approach of covering space this algorithm can solve problems with a large number of variables while providing an exact answer. All this with a very low complexity (logarithmic).

Unsupervised IA

Automated (unsupervised) subsequence anomalies detection in a time series

Heat Exchanger

New heat exchanger based on low cost material, easy to install and maintain. It is based on a flexible polymer tructure and left free in a moving external fluid. 


A new formulation excipient-free and based on nanocrystals, improving biodisponibility & dose efficacy. The first indication developed for this technology is a new formulation of Etoposide, a commonly used molecule to treat several cancers.


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