Example of integration into a water pipe


While conventional heat exchangers use metal as the base material for heat exchanges, the new exchanger, which is a technological breakthrough, is based on a flexible polymer structure. The system is easily arranged in a free flow, typically in an existing wastewater pipeline. The movement of the thermal probes allows up to 30% increase in the power exchanged.



  • In existing wastewater pipes
  • In a river 
  • In agroalimentary and chemical processes for example


Competitive advantages

  • Inexpensive material (polymer)
  • Low operating cost: ease of installation and maintenance (low fouling and resistant to chemical corrosion)
  • High modularity, small footprint
  • Good thermal efficiency


Intellectual property

  • French patent application n ° FR1858012, filed on September 6, 2018 International patent application No.
  • PCT / FR2019 / 051851, filed on July 25, 2019



Heat exchanger  -  Energy recovery  -  Fatal heat  -  Energy  -  Physics

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