Relativistic quantum cryptography


SCOT is performed by two mistrustful parties, Alice and Bob. Alice inputs secret messages and Bob obtains a message of his choice in a first spacetime region, i.e, at a particular location and at a particular time. The security conditions are : Alice must be oblivious to Bob’s chosen message, and Bob must be oblivious to the other messages of Alice at spacetime regions that are spacelike separated from the first spacetime region. This technology provides methods and systems to implement unconditionally secure SCOT based on quantum physics and the principle of no-superluminal signalling of special relativity, evading Lo’s no-go theorem for one-out-of-m OT.


  • Security of high speed transactions in financial markets
  • Security of privacy-preserving location-based data access
  • Secure multi-party computation with spacetime constraints


Competitive advantages

  • Unconditional security
  • Security based on quantum physics and special relativity
  • Evades Lo’s no-go theorem for one-out-of-m oblivious transfer
  • Practical with current technology


Intellectual property

Two patent applications filed (US 2018/0287788 A1, EP3777008A1)



Quantum cryptography - Relativistic quantum cryptography - Oblivious transfer

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