70% of drug molecules face problems of poor bioavailability and instability. Nanotechnology applied to medicine can provide important progress, often by improving bioavailability and dose optimization. Researchers propose here a new formulation excipient-free and based on nanocrystals, improving biodisponibility & dose efficacy. The first indication developed for this technology is a new formulation of Etoposide, a commonly used molecule to treat several cancers, which faces those problems and usual side effects.



  • Formulation of non-soluble drugs
  • Solid cancers such as Lung, ovarian, colorectal, breast
  • Acute myeloid leukemia


Competitive advantages

  • Low toxicity
  • Better biodisponibility
  • Better efficiency
  • Less administration
  • Suitable for different galenic forms


Intellectual property

  • International Patent Application in August 2019: EP2019/072873
  • Priority EU 08.2018, PCT 07.2019



Drug formulation - Excipient-free - Biodisponibility - Etoposide - Cancer

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