70% of drug molecules face problems of poor bioavailability and instability. Etoposide is a commonly used molecule to treat several cancers, which faces those problems and usual side effects. Nanotechnology applied to medicine can provide important progress, offently by improving bioavailability and dose optimization. Researchers propose here a new formulation of etoposide, excipient-free and based on nanocrystals, improving biodisponibility & dose efficacy. POC in vivo has been established, along with PK and tissue distribution showing improved performance compared to standard Toposar formulation.




  • Cancers
  • Testis embryonal carcinoma
  • Acute leukemia
  • Placental choriocarcinoma
  • Small lung cancer
  • Breast and ovarian cancer


Competitive advantages

  • Low toxicity
  • Better biodisponibility
  • Better efficiency
  • Less administration
  • Suitable for different galenic forms


Intellectual property

  • International Patent Application in August 2019: EP2019/072873
  • Priority EU 08.2018, PCT 07.2019



Etoposide - Cancer - Formulation Excipient-free formulation - Biodisponibility

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