Example of graph for a time serie


Automatically determine the health of a system, equipped with sensors, by detecting and graphically representing subsequence anomalies in a time series, without prior knowledge of the system.



  • Internet of Things
  • Operations monitoring: aeronautics, automobiles, railways
  • Industrial production site monitoring
  • Control systems such as SCADA
  • Health: monitoring physiological parameters
  • Finance: fraud detection
  • Computer data center operation health monitoring


Competitive advantages

  • No prior knowledge of the domain and anomaly characteristics
  • No need of labeled instances (unsupervised method)
  • Identification of anomalies of varying lengths
  • Identification of single and recurrent anomalies of various types
  • High accuracy and fast computing method


Intellectual property

  • Patent application filled on May 2020



Anomalies - Subsequence anomalies - Outliers Time series - Data series

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