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Optimization Algo
Fractal Optim

New optimization algorithm based on fractal decomposition. Thanks to a new approach of covering space this algorithm can solve problems with a large number of variables while providing an exact answer. All this with a very low complexity (logarithmic).


Nanotopo is a new nanocrystal  formulation improving etoposide  biodisponibility in cancer treatments.

Medical imaging
Virtual Cast Angioscope

New high resolution imaging software of fine tissue vasculature without injection and based only on a video of the blood vessels.

Premature birth

PTL Dx is a panel of new biomarkers of the cervicovaginal secretions predicting spontaneous preterm birth in a 24h window.

Unsupervised IA

Automatic detection of anomalies in time series. The technology makes it possible to determine the state of health of a system, equipped with sensors, by detecting and graphically representing anomalies in a time series.

Energy Storage

The technology developed makes it possible to produce new type of binder-free organic electrodes which, in addition to eliminating lithium and bringing a flexible character to the system.

Heat Exchanger

New heat exchanger based on low cost material, easy to install and maintain. It is based on a flexible polymer tructure and left free in a moving external fluid. 


HYCOs is a new class of anti-inflammatory agents with a dual biological activity (Nrf2 activators and CO-releasing molecule)  with applications in inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and also wounds cicatrization.


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